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This site is dedicated to all those woodworkers who either have a garage workshop or plan on converting or building a garage for the purpose of woodworking.

I have tried to answer the most common questions that woodworkers have concerning their limited space when working in a garage woodshop. I hope that the information is useful to you.

By far the most important aspect of woodworking in a garage, regardless if it is a one or two-car garage, is organization. When you are dealing with limited space, your ability to work efficiently is to be able to (1) find your tools, and (2) have space to work in. Being organized is the first step to actually working in your workshop.

If you are constantly looking for things, or movings stuff out of the way, you are not doing what you really enjoy, which is building something.

Here is the full list of articles about garage woodworking that I have accumulated so far.

This website is brand new and I am not done writing my articles, so please check back in a few days to read the newest articles. I have already written the titles of the articles I intend to write. They just are not linkable yet.


Last Update: June 28, 2009

Garage Woodworking


Welcome to Garage Woodworking! The answer to your questions about getting the most out of your home garage workshop!


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