Convert Your Shopvac into a Dust Collection System

Convert Your Shopvac into a Dust Collection System

How do you turn your shopvac into an efficient dust collector?

A shopvac is not really meant to be a steady dust collector. It creates a high pressure / low volume of air movement. But a good dust collector does the opposite, it should have low pressure and a high volume of air movement. The problem is that with a garage shop and the small amount of space available to you, you would rather try to use your shopvac instead of buying a dedicated dust collector. Well, what you need is something called a cyclonic separator.

cyclone-separatorYou can buy one, see here for some good information about a cyclonic separator from Lee Valley, or you can make one yourself. Being a woodworker, and good with your hands, you should have no problem putting a cyclonic separator for your shopvac together in no time. All you need is a garbage can with a lid outfitted with the appropriate angled inflow and outflow openings.

There are a number of resources on the web for putting together a cyclonic separator. They are named after the designers of the separator. Hence the Thien Cyclone Separator Lid and the ClearVue Cyclone. The Thein cyclone is one that you can build yourself, whereas the Clearvue cyclone is more complex and probably cannot be copied easily at home due to the design.

Here another variation of the Thein cyclone separator, that can be made with pieces for about $30.

So, if you have a small garage shop and don’t have the floor space for a large dust collector. Take a look at these pages and maybe you will become interested into building a cyclonic separator for your shopvac.

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