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How much heating power will I need to heat a garage?

The output of a heater is measured in Watts (W) and kiloWatts (kW) for electric heaters and British Thermal Units (Btu) for all the others. 1 Watt is approximately 3.4 Btu. There are 3 things to calculate what power of heater you need, you should consider:

The volume of the space to be heated,
The rise in temperature required.
How well insulated the space is.

The volume of the space is calculated by the following formula: width x length x height (all in meters) to get cubic meters.

This figure should be multiplied by the required rise in temperature, in °Celsius.

Then multiply this number again, depending on the level of insulation in the building:

No Insulation x 3.5
Light Insulation x 2.5
Medium Insulation x 1.5
Heavy Insulation x 0.5

Then to return a result in Btu, multiply this by 4

An example of a single garage, with a temperature rise of 10°C needed with no insulation, the calculation would be about:

40 cubic meters x 10° x 3.5 x 4 = 5600 this gives an answer in Btu.

As you can see from the calculation, if you put a small amount of insulation and close up some of the holes where air can get through, you will drastically reduce the amount of heat that you will need.

Amount of Heat Power Needed to Heat a Garage

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