Garage Sound Proofing and Noise Reduction

Garage Sound Proofing and Noise Reduction

What is the best way to sound proof a garage from woodworking machinery?

woodworking-wifeOne of the biggest deterrents from getting the ‘OK’ from the wife in building a garage workshop is that it’ll make a lot of noise when you are running your machines. Offering to buy earplugs for the rest of the family might be the simplest and cheapest solution, but good luck on that.

So ultimately you will want to put keep that noise from getting into the rest of the house. There are actually two different methods of reducing the noise coming from your garage. Sound soundproofing or sound absorption.

Sound absorption products soak up sound. They absorb sound waves and prevent them from bouncing off the walls. They improve the quality of the sound within the garage. Sound absorption materials stop noise from bouncing off the walls and back into the space. The noise from your tools is controlled and the sound quality within your garage is improved.

Garage soundproofing products trap the sound. They contain the sound within the garage, making it impossible for the sound to move to other parts of the house. The most effective way to block sound completely is to build two surfaces that do not physically touch. If the surfaces do not touch, sound waves have no way to pass through and become trapped. However, this requires a double wall. You’ll probably not want to go that route because it is expensive to do this, plus you lose space.

So when you are buying a product to reduce the noise, make you realize the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption.

Ok, at this point I can get into all the different kinds of sound reduction products, but that is an entire whole article depending on what kind of garage you have if it is a new construction etc. Nevertheless, I will give a brief listing of the products available here:

Acoustic batt insulation – Similar to batt fiberglass insulation for heat/cold except this is designed to decrease noise.

An easier option if your garage is already built and you don’t want to lose six inches of space by putting up the batt insulation would be:

Green Glue – just put this stuff on your existing wall and stick another layer of drywall on. Supposed to to reduce sound transfer.

Lastly, don’t forget about the doors, this is one one the weakest points for noise to get through into the house.

So in general, soundproofing is not one thing, but a bunch of little things that add up, decibel by decibel. So make sure that all those little holes that lead to other areas of the house are closed up.

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